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Grand Car Wash & Express Lube
“Lend a Hand” program.

Advantages of our “Lend a Hand” Program.
• Your organization keeps 50% of the money you collect.
• Your sponsor receives a quality service for their donation.
• Car wash certificates can be used by anyone.
• Guaranteed customer satisfaction
• Car wash certificates can be sold at any time of the year and make excellent gifts.
• Vehicles are washed in an environmentally friendly manner, not a parking lot area with water run off.
• Unlimited fund-raising capabilities

How It Works
A $20.00 printing fee per 100 certificates (minimum qty: 50)
You choose 1 out of 2 packages. Package one being the most popular.
A deposit of 50% of the Certificates.
Package 1) $16.99 for each Diamond Wash Certificate or
Package 2) $13.99 for each Luxury Wash Certificate

We will hold your check for sixty (60) days. Within that time you can either return unused coupons & reissue a new check for 50% of actual sales or, if we do not have a response at the end of the sixty days, the check is deposited.
Once your organization is ready to begin fund-raising just split up the numbered certificates among the members of your organization and start selling.
These certificates are redeemable at Grand Car Wash & Exprss Lube only. These certificates are not redeemable with any other coupons/ specials, also not redeemable for cash & one certificate per vehicle.

Your Organization Benefits By:
• Raising large sums of money quickly, with no products to buy or spoil.
• Joining forces with an established local business
• Relinquishing all the expensive and time-consuming paperwork, coupons, us.
• Providing car wash certificates to anyone. Your non-profit organization keeps
50% of the money you raise. There’s no catch! It’s that easy!
Start fund-raising today!!!
For More Information on Fundraising please contact Grand Carwash

Past Contributors:
City of Chino Hills
“Celebrate the Family”
Chino Hills Police/Sheriff
Cops & Rodders Car Show
Chino Valley Unified School District
Pals/Special Friends Program